Imagenomic Noiseware Professional PlugIn v4.1.1

Imagenomic Noiseware Professional PlugIn v4.1.1

Imagenomic Noiseware Professiona  - пожалуй, один из лучших плагинов для графического редактора Adobe Photoshop, предназначенный для устранения шумов на цифровых фотографиях.
Эффект не потрясающий - эффект непревзойденный. При сравнении 10-и наиболее распостраненных плагинов и программ подавления шумов цветного изображения, именно Noiseware равных нет.

Imagenomic creates tools and Photoshop plug-ins for imageers, designers and photographers. The Noiseware Professional plug-in consists of a standalone program and a couple of plug-ins which are designed to remove noise and grain, while also preserving most fine details. Noiseware Professional is available separately or as part of the Imagenomic Professional Plug-in Suite along with Real Grain and Portraiture.

Noiseware Professional supports 16-bit images, a necessity for any professional photographer who is shooting RAW images. Users can apply a number of presets — up to 14 in all — which cover pretty much any situation. You can create and save your own presets and recall them at any time for use on specific projects. Noiseware Professional is extremely useful for the photo editor, production artist or photographer who is shooting high ISO images or who has very little time to adjust scanned images which contain excessive noise. The effects of this filter can be quite subtle in some situations, but the beneficial effects are useful and noticeable nonetheless.

Noiseware Professional is also designed to deal with some of the problems caused by JPEG compression artifacts, a real bonus in my mind. The feature is well conceived and I think Imagenomic should definitely put some additional development effort into the next version. Noiseware does a lot of the work up front by calculating the noise levels in your chosen image. The presets will usually allow you deal with most issues immediately. If you are not happy with a preset, you can then make use of the control slider arrays. Even the most tweak-happy editors will be pleased with the controls too.

With four tabs for Detail, Frequency, Tonal Range and Color Range, and over 35 control sliders, you can play for hours. One of Noiseware Professional's more thoughtful functions allows you to apply different processing levels by auto bracketing the setting to same image. You can view the effects in a tabbed view from which you can then select the desired result. This would work better without the tabs and in the form of a display matrix. Like the JPEG compression artifact component, auto bracketing is clearly area that Imagenomic can expand in future plug-in releases.

Cons: The tabbed interface for the auto bracketing feature would be better served by a matrix type preview. My only real concern is that some detail can be lost, but well exposed and well focused images aren't really affected. Pros: Intuitive and fast. Highly configurable. The auto bracketing feature is really nice. Great value for the money. Noiseware is aimed at all users who need a tool for controlling noise in their images. Working with Noiseware you can appreciate the work that's been put into this excellent and easy to use plug-in. If you don't have the luxury of time then you owe it to yourself to try Noiseware Professional.

И не потому, что, например, Neat Image или Noise Ninja и т.д. хуже подавляют шумы.
Но только Noiseware подавляет шумы с наименьшими потерями мелких деталей изображения. Все остальные хорошо подавляют и шумы и удаляют мелкие детали изображения (волосы, ресницы, и т.п.)
Удобный интерфейс позволит без малейшего труда выполнять обработку изображений перед публикацией или выводом на печать.

Разработанный компанией Noiseware алгоритм Intelliprofile предусматривает возможности самообучения и автоматически выбирает наиболее подходящие фильтры и инструменты для каждого отдельного изображения. Для достижения оптимального результата больше не нужно использовать предопределенные профили, зависящие от типа камеры.

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