PhotoTools v1.0.3 Professional Adobe Photoshop

PhotoTools v1.0.3 Professional Adobe Photoshop

PhotoTools Professional Edition 1.0.3 - обновленный набор фильтров для Adobe Photoshop, предназначен для обработки цифровых изображений, и обеспечения цветокоррекции и поляризации. Предлагается целый набор качественных спецэффектов, инструментов для коррекции и редактирования снимков объединенные удобным и функциональным интерфейсом. С помощью предлагаемых инструментов фотомастера смогут также осуществить стилизацию цифровых снимков под старые фотографии или кадры кинопленки. Комбинации эффектов могут быть сохранены в отдельный файл.

PhotoTools v1.0.3 Professional Adobe Photoshop

PhotoTools v1.0.3 Professional for Photoshop

PhotoTools and PhotoTools Professional Edition will faithfully reproduce camera filters like neutral density, color correction and polarization as well as darkroom techniques and alternative processes like solarization, cyanotype and palladium printing as well as many paper toners. PhotoTools even includes cinema looks popularized by Hollywood movies. Users can preview their chosen effect in PhotoTools before applying it, and they can also stack multiple effects on top of each other just like they would camera filters. Users can control the order of each effect and how they blend together for a truly unique look.

In addition, these effects stacks can be saved so users can repeat them easily in the future. Once a user has created their own signature look, they can use PhotoTools' powerful batch processing engine to apply their look to an entire folder of images enabling them to vastly speed up their production with the ability to batch process files with multiple output formats of differing sizes, color spaces, names and even watermarks.

onOne Software's new PhotoTools includes over 150 effects, corrections and styles that were designed in conjunction with Professional Photographer, Photoshop Guru and Instructor Jack Davis. onOne Software's PhotoTools Professional Edition features an additional 100 effects beyond the base version of PhotoTools. These additional effects were created by Jack Davis and Professional Photographer, Creator of Kubota Artistic Tools Photoshop Actions and Digital Photography Bootcamp Instructor Kevin Kubota.

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