Kelby Training: On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart

Kelby Training: On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart

Kelby Training: On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart
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Jeremy Cowart is a professional photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Beginning his photography career in 2005, Jeremy quickly became a respected artistic voice in the industry. Having shot numerous musicians, entertainers and celebrities, Jeremy is also the founder of Help Portrait, a worldwide movement of photographers giving free portraits to those less fortunate. As his list of clients continues to grow, so does Jeremy's desire to improve, share, teach, and give back to those around him.

Jeremy Cowart has been working as an entertainment photographer for 6 years shooting celebrity portraits, album covers, and concert photography. In the first part of this on location series, he has invited Scott Kelby and his video crew to follow Jeremy around Venice Beach, California as he scouts and chooses locations, lights the scenes, works with his model, and figures out how to get the creative shots he is looking for. All of this is unfolding live in front of the cameras as Jeremy and his crew find random locations and shoot with portable equipment. Scott takes the opportunity to ask questions submitted by viewers and they discuss how Jeremy goes about picking locations, works with clients, and what type of lighting equipment he likes to use.

Lesson 01 Introduction and Location Scouting (10:20)
Lesson 02 Starting with Natural Light (8:02)
Lesson 03 Moving Subject, Single Strobe, and Permits (12:50)
Lesson 04 Reflective Glass Door (10:12)
Lesson 05 Walking Through an Alley (9:06)
Lesson 06 Adapting to the Location (12:00)
Lesson 07 Doubling the Sun (8:45)
Lesson 08 Sidey and Toppy (8:18)
Lesson 09 Lifestyle Vibe (10:22)
Lesson 10 Preferred Lighting Equipment (2:39)

TOTAL: 01:32:34

10-02-2011, 11:15