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PixelPerfect: Moonlit 3D Landscapes

PixelPerfect: Moonlit 3D Landscapes

PixelPerfect: Moonlit 3D Landscapes
Create a moonlit landscape using simple 3D effects, lighting, and traditional filters.
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Create landscape using foreground and background colors
Imagine the landscape being built like Google Earth, where your perspective is from above. In the end, we will be adding a lake.

In a new layer, choose colors for your foreground. You can label this layer, "Terrain". These colors will represent the heights and depths of your landscape. The lighter the color the higher the peaks, and the darker the color, the lower the valleys. The color will automatically become a texture map. In this episode, the light color is a grey, and a dark color is a forest green. Apply the Clouds filter on this new layer while holding down the Option button (Alt on a PC). Holding down the button on your keyboard will ensure high contrast in the Clouds filter. Keep applying the clouds filter until you have a desired landscape.



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