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RM Beauty Basics

RM Beauty Basics

RM Beauty Basics
RM Beauty Basics - 46.84 MB

Product Requirements:
Any program that can open PSD files

This is a wonderful set of beauty basics! Eye shadows, eyeliners, lipcolors and blush!
Everything you need to create beautiful make up options for your V4 characters. Mix and
match from within this set of with others to create unique and stunning looks! This is a
wonderful starting point for merchants or a quick and easy way to expand your choices of
make up on characters for your own personal use. All make up options are provided on
individual 4000 x 4000 psd files for ease of use.
This set includes:
•18 eye shadow option that range from simple to fantasy•14 lip color options
•9 eye liner choices
•3 different blush selections•Limitless combinations!
23-12-2010, 14:32
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