PhotoTracer v1.0 Photoshop Plugins

PhotoTracer v1.0 Photoshop Plugins

PhotoTracer v1.0 Плагин для Photoshop, предоставляющий пользователю возможность простого и лёгкого 3D-рендеринга.

-предварительный просмотр в реальном времени;
-многократного отражения и уровней преломления;
-присутствует настроенный UI;

The basic idea was to provide the Photoshop user with a complete 3D renderer interacting with Photoshop’s layers. Phototracer includes a realtime preview (wire, flat, Gouraud) and a top quality hybrid renderer. Hybrid renderers are a mix of scanline-based algorithms and raytracers. In Phototracer, the raytracer’s first hit is accelerated by a scanline. Following rays are accelerated by an OSS structure (a space partitioning technique).

Geometric antialiasing is performed by an A-Buffer, texture antialiasing is performed by bilinear filtering and summed-area tables (SAT). Phototracer also supports bump mapping, instant rendering (same as the G-Buffers in MAX), multiple lights, multiple reflection and refraction levels, has a customized UI, some neat manipulators (virtual sphere and so on), and I just can’t remember everything since that’s a strong feature-packed plug in.

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7-05-2009, 21:21
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