Oranges from above

Oranges from above
TIFF, PNG, JPG, | 15000 x 9999 px | 328 Mb

Oranges, whole, split, quartered, with leaves, PRO release
The image with respect to versatility, superb technical quality, details and attractive look.
Initially developed for packaging design, highly versatile;
Compound image, downscaled to 150 Mpx. Native 21 Mpx resolution for each object;
Natural color, bright, direct sunlight appearance;
Infinite depth of field, high detailed;
Crisp, vivid, clean, fresh look.
Package contents
Seven oranges (Citrus x sinensis fruits) plus five leaves.
TIFF — layered Photoshop image. Shadows separated. 8-bit, sRGB, LZW compressed.
PNG — isolated image on transparent BG;
JPEG — quick-n-dirty solution for plain white. Clipping paths included;
22-05-2017, 13:09