Smartmockups App (Mac & Windows) - 973322

Smartmockups App (Mac & Windows) - 973322

Smartmockups App (Mac & Windows) 973322

exe,dmg,dab | 200 mb

Smartmockups app for Mac & Windows

The easiest way to create stunning product screenshots without using Photoshop
The Smartmockups App gives you the power to design stunning digital mockups, even if you’re not a skilled designer. Simply choose one of our mockup templates, import your images, and the final presentation-ready composition is finished in seconds. It’s that simple.
What's included?
•Desktop app for Mac & Windows & Linux (.exe + .dmg +.dab)
•Over 300 templates with transparent, photo and print mockups
•Changeable background and beautiful gradients
•You don't need any graphic software or skills
•All you have to do is install the app, activate and enjoy!

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