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The Fontaholics Colourbox - 926434

The Fontaholics Colourbox - 926434

The Fontaholics Colourbox - 926434

TTF, OTF, PSD, PNG, AI, EPS | 1,8 Gb

40 High resolution Watercolour Papers - each in various sizes for your convenience.
14 Hand-Painted pattern Overlay PNG's/JPEGS - Black, white & transparent.
10 Brand New hand-lettered/painted fonts that blend together perfeclty in type designs ( See Below)
100 Wobbly Edged vectors/PNG's ready to use in your watercolour designs. ( PNG/PSD/AI/EPS)

THE FONTS ( OTF and TTF included) : - Give them all a test run in the font box below this
•La Fiesta : An elegant and feminine modern calligraphy script with watercolour edges.
•Maraschino Script : A cheerful calligraphy script with a bouncy baseline.
•Little Anchor : A Wobbly hand-painted script with a carefree nature.
•Blushing Bride : A Flirty hand-lettered script with handy extra opentype lowercase alternate letters*
•Lemonshino : A super-cute upercase font with bounce and charm.
•Strawberry Frosting : A plump and cheery uppercase font with different letters for upper and lowercase letters - it also includes some handy double letter ligatures*
•Happy Days : A haphazard hand-painted font with wobbly edges.
•Bear Hugs : An adorable uppercase serif font oozing with love.
•Vanilla Sprinkles : A messy uppercase calligraphy fonts with watercolour edging.
•Mustard Mustache : Thick and sturdy, an uppercase marker font.

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