AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone and Color Suite v1.06 for Adobe Photoshop

AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone and Color Suite v1.06 for Adobe Photoshop

AutoFX Mystical Tint Tone and Color - плагин для Adobe Photoshop, представляющий собой набор из 38 цветовых эффектов, которые легки в настройке и обеспечивают для вас профессиональный результат за считанные секунды. Эффекты применяются за счет рисования или удаления эффектов с желаемой области выбранного изображения. Каждый цветовой эффект может быть настроен самостоятельно для достижения наилучшего результата. Программа позволяет накладывать эффекты слоями и имеет поддержку изменения прозрачности каждого слоя по-отдельности. С помощью Mystical Tint Tone and Color вы сможете преобразить ваши фотографии за несколько кликов мыши. Данная программа может работать в качестве отдельного приложения и в качестве плагина для Adobe Photoshop и других совместимых программ.

Mystical Tint Tone and Color is a suite of 38 color effects that are both easy to use and provide you with professional results in seconds. The effects are applied by brushing on or removing the effect from the desired area.

Mystical Tint Tone and Color provides you with an efficient workflow for combining multiple editing steps into single easy to achieve processes. The improvement to images are simply amazing.

Integrated Support for Photoshop
Mystical features complete support for Adobe Photoshop. Mystical includes integrated support for layers and transparency features, Photoshop Actions, Last Filter Command, Fade Filter Command, works as a Photoshop filter, saves and loads Photoshop .psd files and is easy to access and use as a filter from within Photoshop.

Mystical even saves to the Photoshop .psd file format with layers intact. As you are working on your designs inside the Mystical plug-in or application version you can save out copies of your work as Photoshop .psd native files.

Help on Demand
Mystical lets you hold your mouse over a control for a few seconds and a floating window appears that contains detailed instructions about the control. This powerful feature gives you instant access to control information without the need to look in a manual or use a separate help system that takes you away from the task at hand. The Mystical tool tips are fast and efficient to use.

Advanced Preview System
Mystical's adjustable preview features a 1600% marquee zoom capability with built in panning support. Previews can be shown in Proxy mode so they render blazingly fast regardless of the image size.

Save and Replay Your Settings
Save and Load your effect settings for instant replay. Presets are Resolution Independent. Save them while working on a large file and they apply the same to a smaller file or an even larger file and get the same results.

SmartLayers enable you to combine different effects together in the same composition. New layer functionality also includes masking layers, photo layers for placing new photos onto layers in Mystical, color correction layers for adjusting image colors and advanced layer functionality such as cloning, renaming, moving, deleting and adjusting opacity levels for each layer.

Easy to use Tools
Mystical features tools that are not only easy to recognize but are easy to use too. Place photos with the photo placement tool. Rotate photos with the transformation tool. Clone effects with the effect clone tool. Using a tool is as easy as clicking on it and then clicking on the preview window. Each tool includes roll-over description text that helps you understand how to use it - nothing could be easier for beginners!

Возможности :
* Интеграция с Adobe Photoshop
* Расщиренная система предпросмотра
* Сохранение и загрузка ваших настроек
* Легкие в использовании инструменты
* 38 настраиваемых цветовых эффектов

ОС: Windows 2000|XP|Vista
Интерфейс: English
Размер: 17 MB

28-03-2009, 19:11