AlphaPlugins Engraver II v2.1

AlphaPlugins Engraver II v2.1

AlphaPlugins представила новую версию плагина Engraver для Photoshop и совместимых программ. Engraver предназначен для стилизации фотографий под гравировку. Он дает возможность использовать разнообразные геометрические фигуры для затенения изображений, обрезать изображения альфа-каналом, преобразовывать фотографии в черно-белую или цветную гравировку.

Engraver II is a plug-in filter for Adobe Photoshop and compatibles (Including CS3/CS4). This plug-in enables you to make stylized photographs or images to look like beautiful vintage engravings and allows you to create fascinating digital art effortlessly. Engraver cuts through images with thin lines forming a geometric pattern. The thickness of these lines will change depending on the image beneath.

Engraver II makes it possible to display an image as a stylized black-and-white or color print. Enjoy a wide selection of geometric patterns and variety of lines for your illustrations as well as creating fringe patterns by overlapping layers. To achieve the right thickness of lines, correct spacing, pattern displacement and degree of relief, simply adjust the plug-in controls. Adjusting and fine tuning in Engraver II is very easy, and it creates realistic and convincing effects

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27-03-2009, 04:58