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Boom Library Magic Bundle WAV-MAGNETRiXX

Boom Library Magic Bundle WAV-MAGNETRiXX

over 22.700+ sounds, 570+ files | 96kHz/24bit, WAV | 7.70 GB

info: http://www.boomlibrary.com/boomlibrary/products/magic

Listen up white magicians and dark wizards. This is where the magic happens. Get ready for some supernatural 96kHz / 24-bit source recordings with more than 2.300 magical sound effects on the "MAGIC - Construction Kit” to immediately start creating your own fanciful sounds. Or simply dip into the diversity of over 450 “ready to use” sounds with the “MAGIC - Designed” collection. Best thing is to get them all with the “MAGIC Bundle” – at a special price!



скачать с turbobit part 1
скачать с turbobit part 2
скачать с turbobit part 3
скачать с turbobit part 4
скачать с turbobit part 5
скачать с turbobit part 6
скачать с turbobit part 7
скачать с turbobit part 8
скачать с turbobit part 9
скачать с turbobit part 10


скачать с letitbit part 1
скачать с letitbit part 2
скачать с letitbit part 3
скачать с letitbit part 4
скачать с letitbit part 5
скачать с letitbit part 6
скачать с letitbit part 7
скачать с letitbit part 8
скачать с letitbit part 9
скачать с letitbit part 10


скачать с deposit part 1
скачать с deposit part 2
скачать с deposit part 3
скачать с deposit part 4
скачать с deposit part 5
скачать с deposit part 6
скачать с deposit part 7
скачать с deposit part 8
скачать с deposit part 9
скачать с deposit part 10
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